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Well-designed lighting can enhance all aspects of the human experience. It not only provides an understanding of form, space and material, but also affects our senses, our emotions, our health and well-being. We offer creative and energy efficient lighting solutions for all types of projects. Our well-planned lighting schemes are fully integrated with the architecture, provide visual comfort and adapt to the needs of the end user, while creating inspiring and sensitive spaces.




Industrial automation and control is the application of different technologies to control and monitor a process, machine or device that usually performs repetitive functions or tasks, making it operate automatically, reducing human intervention to a minimum, allowing a company to carry out its production in an optimal and more efficient way, minimising its production costs, but maintaining the quality of its final products.

Through the introduction of software and technologies that allow the automation and control of industrial processes, production does not generate errors of any kind and does not stop at any time. It allows us to monitor in real time all the data of the production process.

Implementing industrial automation solutions in a company speeds up work, time and money, reducing costs and generating benefits practically from the moment it is implemented.

When we talk about Industry 4.0, Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are referring to the transformation of industry and the digitalisation and integration of all the industrial processes that make up the value chain and that make it possible to meet the needs of customers in today’s market.

Industry 4.0 uses digital technologies to react faster to market changes, offer more customised products and increase operational efficiency.



We offer you highly efficient lighting, air conditioning and sanitary systems to minimise energy consumption in your home, while respecting the environment.



Through home automation we can automate and optimise the key functions of your home.



It is a reality that energy consumption is a very important part of the operating costs of the facilities. Sueprat, aware of the needs of its customers, offers products and solutions aimed at saving electricity consumption, energy quality and efficiency.
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There is no doubt that the use of renewable energies is a benefit for the environment. This market will be one of the fastest growing sectors in the future. Its advancement is necessary due to the fact that non-renewable energy sources are scarce and our consumption rate is increasing. That is why these future energy sources are already present in Sueprat.
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Are you looking for solutions in Automation and Programming?

At Sueprat you will find a highly qualified technical team, capable of advising our clients in the integral development of any project. With the most advanced technology of the moment, our technicians are always ready to guide and provide solutions to achieve your goals.


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