Automating home facilities in order to save energy and increase comfort and safety. Sueprat is a certified company as a specialist integrator in the field bus KNX. Conceived as a standard reference for the control of installations in homes and buildings. It is qualified for the study and development of technical and economic projects of Automation, and offers its customers the supply of materials and equipment necessary to perform them, as well as technical support in the development of software programs for the Control of such facilities.

Currently lighting plays an important role in the development of any work. Our lighting technicians provide a comprehensive service to our clients, working closely with them from the beginning to the end of the work. Knowing your needs and always seeking the best solution for your projects. A team of highly qualified professionals who bring new perspectives and unique insights that enrich the result of any space. We work with leading brands in the industry that allow us to ensure product quality and develop projects with the latest technology available on the market.

Undoubtedly, the use of renewable energy is a benefit to the environment. This market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the future. Their advance is necessary because the non-renewable energy sources are scarce and our rate of consumption is increasing. So these energy sources for the future are already present in Sueprat.

It is a fact that energy consumption means a very important part of the operating costs of the facility. Sueprat aware of the needs of its customers offers products and services aimed at saving in electricity consumption solutions, quality and energy efficiency.

Sueprat wagers on Siemens as reference brand for automation and control of industrial processes. Offering all components and services necessary for man-machine dialogue. Since the completion of projects to commissioning.

Technologies for improvement, savings and comfort of homes.

In Sueprat will find a technical team highly qualified, able to advise our clients in the integral development of any project. Armed with the latest technology of the moment, our technicians are always ready to guide and resolve to achieve their goals.

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